Why is complete UVA/UVB protection important? Especially for children?

Children’s eyes are even more sensitive to light and the harmful rays produced from the sun. Simply using darkened lenses without broad spectrum protection can lead to further damage to young eyes. When our eyes are shaded from direct sun, our pupils widen to allow more light into the eye — making the retinas susceptible to damage from UV rays. Since all Sons + Daughter’s sunwear has complete 100% UVA/UVB protection specifically for kids, you can rest assured that your little one’s peepers are shielded from damaging rays.

What is distortion in lenses?

Low quality lenses are more likely to create distortion when we look through them. Over time, forcing the human eye to “correct” this distortion can lead to further stress on young eye health. That’s why all of Sons + Daughters children’s eyewear are fitted with the finest lenses in the industry with exceptionally low distortion

How hard is it to break Sons + Daughters?

Just like eyewear for adults, Sons + Daughters is made with the same high-quality, prescription grade materials. Moreover, our shatter-resistant lenses are tested to standards dictated by the FDA in the United States, Canada, European Union, Australia and Asia. *It is strongly advised that if your child is participating in athletic activities, proper precautions should be considered and that you speak with an optometrist and use protective athletic eyewear.

What age range will Sons + Daughters fit?

Sons + Daughters Eyewear is made to fit most children between the ages of 4–10 years old. Every style has a unique size. (i.e.: the Rocky fits the smallest whereas the Hunter fits the largest.) Just like adults, kids come in different shapes and sizes at different ages! You view our fit videos here or check out our Instagram to see our community wearing our sunglasses and optical frames.